Is Cloud Computing Really Secured?

Perhaps the first thing that should be noted is the fact that the cloud
computing models are not owned by the users but are instead rented
or paid for when needed. Although this may seem like loss of control,
the other points far outdo this thought process.
The most compelling attraction would be the lower costs involved in
utilizing the cloud tool, as this will help the companies to focus on
their goods and services rather than having to come with funds to
constantly upgrade their computer systems.

The lowering of the technology based capital in no way effects the
access to devices and locations independently, thus enabling the user
access to systems anywhere and anytime.
There is also better overall performance, load balancing and even
locating data processes with much lower overall costs involved when
comparisons are made with the older and more conventional methods
previously used.

Cloud computing is also reputed to be able to contribute to a higher
affect of reliability and scalability in many positive ways, one of which
is in the area of data security. The security improves considerably
although some data may be lost as the system automatically seems to
eliminate these.

Cloud computing also is able to produce better and more improved
resource utilization where there is sustainability in movement such as
green technology or clean technology. Most of the bigger companies
are taking an active role in this seemingly new addition to the
equation of providing better service possibilities.

A growing number of users are turning to the use of cloud computing,
but the question remains on its security levels. There is no doubt that
cloud computing has been able to change the way most users manage
their networks. Although this is attractive as its obvious contributions
to the cost cutting exercise, there is still the question of security as the
information is shared across multiple servers.

For the most part, those in the industry would agree that cloud
computing is relatively secure by comparison. The security levels by
comparison are not really any different from the standard computing
and hosting platforms used. Commonly thought of as disastrous,
outages are the concerns of most users who tend to go into a panic
when the bigger players like Google suffer this.
However it should be understood that these outages are relatively
common and are bound to occur periodically, thus the users should
be comforted with the fact that this does not necessarily mean
information is lost or hacked.

This in turn makes the users more aware of the security issues and
causes them to take more care in tightening their policies and
physical security measures. Most users will not consistently monitor
their networks and take action as soon as any intrusion is detected.
This may include step to ensure the data received is encrypted to
ensure those who are not supposed to be privy to the information will
not be able to read it, and most traditional hosts will offer the relevant
back up after each transaction is made almost instantly.
Users may also encrypt their own information before it is submitted
to further heighten the security measures already in place. Therefore
it is fast becoming an undisputed fact that cloud computing is fast
gaining mileage in the online arena.

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